Remote Eyeballs Feast on Nature

Corporate me took lunches and breaks outside like clockwork. Remote me loves working so much that getting away for lunch and breaks is an afterthought. Maybe Corporate me just needed a break from the office chatter and copy machine hum drums. Regardless of where I’m working though, I’ve learned to acknowledge taking outdoor breaks as a critical necessity.

I love nature and animals and even though not everyone shares this love, I believe our eyeballs and brains need to halt the work, gaze at trees and hills from afar, and take intentional breaths. Having gainful employment or running your own business from home is a gift worthy of much gratitude. Saving your sanity from work overload is priceless.

Point being, make sure you take breaks throughout your workday and actually step outside if weather permits. Place yourself near trees or bushes or flowers and quiet your mind. Fill your thoughts with gratitude for the work you’re doing and for the wonders of the world around you.


Peace & Love.