The Journey Begins

Timing is everything.

I’ve had childhood passions and dreams that I’ve put off for my myriad of excuses.

Being a mommy is so exhausting.

Working full-time has drained me.

I need more money.

I may not be good enough.

My family won’t approve.

Maybe when my life is more settled.

Until the enchanted moment came when my spirit and soul outnumbered my anxious mind and told me to JUST DO IT. It doesn’t matter if it’s not exactly as planned or the steps are minuscule…just take action today. So I did and here I am. Living my best life right now.  Everyone has their own path to HAPPINESS and I hope you are on yours.

I believe that every single person has a divine reason for being here and it’s our job to discover that reason and put 100% of ourselves into it. Here’s to your discovery and journey and joy!


Peace & Love.