The Yin and the Yang

I may be Asian but I don’t know a lick about the origins and concepts and philosophies behind the yin yang symbol. It sure is a widely recognized image though. When I look at the swirls of black and white, I think of strength by way of balance.

On my remote lifestylin’ journey, the critical need of maintaining balance has made its presence front and center. There’s a reason why a million varying results will pop up when you Google “work life balance.” When you’re working from home, balance is a matter of life and death. Without actual death. You know what I mean; it’s insanely important to your life!

To obtain a healthy balance working from home, the first thing you HAVE to do is create a healthy work space. Gone are the days of the office manager or HR assistant happily walking you to your new desk setup complete with pens, pencils, highlighters, rulers, binder clips, paper clips, stapler, and a cute lil envelope opener. And those are just the pretty aesthetics. The meat & potatoes were the big desk, ergonomic chair/keyboard/mouse, and the large (sometimes dual) monitors.

It’s a privilege to get to work from home and with privilege comes great responsibility. You are now responsible for determining the best work setup and paying the costs that come with it. These costs can be written off come tax time and I’m not a tax expert so definitely look into that and keep your receipts in the meantime.

I’m working with a limited budget and utilizing all of my resources to make this life work. A small desk from Amazon. A little turquoise office chair from Big Lots. You gotta find your work-at-home sweet spots and make it work for you.

I have a decent laptop I used to only use for occasional personal things and thought I could transition it to be my work laptop. I quickly (and painfully) learned that this was a big, fat NO. Screen is way too small. Keyboard is too flat (and stuck to the screen so wherever screen goes, keyboard will follow.) And forget trying to be efficient with a stupid touch pad. This Generation X girl needs a good ol’ fashioned mouse dammit!! Sorry for the harsh language…I feel very strongly about tried and true old school methods.

It’s a beautiful, sunny weekend in SoCal and while I plan on soaking in some rays, my other plan is to adjust my work space so come Monday morning, I’ll be better prepared for the world. I’m temporarily using a 30″ TV as a monitor via HDMI (yes it’s ginormous but my eyes have already thanked me) and am researching ergonomic keyboards. Already got my handy dandy mouse.

Pro tip: So I’m looking at monitors and realized I could get a TV for the same price. If I’m gonna drop $75, might as well make it multipurpose and get a TV! Just make sure it can connect to your laptop or whatever you’re using. 😉

Remote Lifestylin’ is a major adjustment and this my friends, is Step 1.