Adventures In Remote Lifestylin’

My first job was as a clerical assistant for an Orange County architectural firm. No wait, my very first job was at Carl’s Jr. in the mall but I tend to leave those 2 weeks off of my portfolio and deep in the recesses of my mind. Back to the OC…this clerical gig introduced me to the mail room, copy machines and the magic of collating, small talk by the water cooler, direct deposit, health insurance, 401k, and Excel spreadsheets. I went on to work in several different but similar office environments and thought that would be the extent of the rest of my work life.

Until the day came that I learned about the illustrious Remote Lifestyle. I knew business owners and entrepreneurs were already living their best remote lifestyles but didn’t realize how many opportunities there are to just work from home. As in [9-5] [full coverage] [legit retirement plan] [steady income] [paid time off] work from home! I didn’t hesitate to dive into the deep end without swimming lessons or a hot lifeguard nearby and learned a truckload of things that I parlayed into my first book, Remote Lifestylin’. Check it out on Amazon and lemme know what you think!

Easy Like Sunday Mornin’

It’s currently Sunday afternoon. So it was Sunday morning a couple hours ago and I’m qualified to write on the subject of Sunday morning.

I used to HATE Sundays. I know, hate is such a strong word, hear me out. I hated Sundays because I let the stress of Monday (and the 4 days after that) get the best of me every single Sunday. What shoulda been a peaceful, relaxing day turned into an anxiety ridden countdown to madness. I’d think about alllll the things I needed to do on Monday. I’d dwell on how much I despised my job and became angry with myself for not pursuing my dreams sooner.

I used to be ashamed to admit but am currently elated to share this bad behavior because I know I’m not alone and I love to use my life lessons to help others.

Everything changed for me the moment I realized that I had FULL control over not just my Sunday and Monday, but how my whole week would go. I was so miserable (and making my loved ones miserable with me) that I knew I needed to try something different and I did. I pray for God to help me and I start every day (especially Sundays!!) giving thanks for all the things I have. If you’ve convinced yourself that you have nothing to be thankful for, I guarantee you are wrong. When I’m down in the dumps, I remind myself to be thankful for a bed to sleep in. For access to clean and hot water. For food to eat. That I have my sight and hearing and can walk and run. That I have free will and can choose to be happy and positive.

This practice of gratitude slowly changed me from the inside out. Even though it was a Sunday before just another manic Monday, I chose to be happy and became truly happy. The issues that plagued me didn’t hold as much weight because my happiness weighed more. I made REAL progress.

The other major action I took was figuring out what I’m passionate about doing and started doing it. My ultimate dream is to make money doing what I love so on the side, I started blogging and investing time and a lil money into my website. Small steps – but taking action towards my dream every day made me feel whole. It reminded me of my purpose and that God gave me the gift of life to help others and honor His name.

That’s it in a nutshell. Oh and dancing. Lots and lots of intentional dancing to my favorite jammy jams. I read somewhere that positive physical activity like dancing and jumping up and down makes it almost impossible to feel sad at the same time. Not only that, it would chemically force you into a better mood. So I dance and I throw my celebratory arms in the air and jump around to propel me into a better mood. There’s science behind it and it works!