Adventures In Remote Lifestylin’

My first job was as a clerical assistant for an Orange County architectural firm. No wait, my very first job was at Carl’s Jr. in the mall but I tend to leave those 2 weeks off of my portfolio and deep in the recesses of my mind. Back to the OC…this clerical gig introduced me to the mail room, copy machines and the magic of collating, small talk by the water cooler, direct deposit, health insurance, 401k, and Excel spreadsheets. I went on to work in several different but similar office environments and thought that would be the extent of the rest of my work life.

Until the day came that I learned about the illustrious Remote Lifestyle. I knew business owners and entrepreneurs were already living their best remote lifestyles but didn’t realize how many opportunities there are to just work from home. As in [9-5] [full coverage] [legit retirement plan] [steady income] [paid time off] work from home! I didn’t hesitate to dive into the deep end without swimming lessons or a hot lifeguard nearby and learned a truckload of things that I parlayed into my first book, Remote Lifestylin’. Check it out on Amazon and lemme know what you think!


Peace & Love.

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