This is what I’ve literally had to tell myself time and time again. I’m a thinker and a planner. My mind is always trying to figure things out and organize and plan for the near and distant future. Most of the time, it’s a good thing but it takes a turn for the worse when it controls my life. I find myself up in the middle of the night worrying about my responsibilities for the week. I’ll frustrate my own self by over analyzing a problem that’s not even mine to solve.

It’s a catch-22. At least until I started meditating. When I finally learned that I have full control over my mind and thoughts, it was GAME-SET-MATCH. I WIN! Regular meditation sessions have transformed my overactive mind into a state of near constant peace. My life only keeps getting better. I still have problems but my perspective and subsequent actions are vastly different.

When I find myself drilling too deep into my past mistakes, I meditate on how I can’t change the past but have control over the future. When I find myself looking too anxiously far into the future, I meditate on appreciating the here and now. The precious gift of this very moment.

I love how meditating is so personal and customizable to whatever your soul needs at that time. Sometimes it’s loads of positive affirmations to keep your eyes on the prize and sometimes it’s ceaseless gratitude cuz you understand how amazingly blessed you are. And sometimes it’s just quiet time. Time to block out all distractions and still the mind to quietly absorb the wisdom being fed. At times, it helps to have soft background noise like ocean waves or birds singing and other times, complete silence.

If you’re not regularly or have never meditated, since you read this to the end, please do me a favor by meditating today. Expand your mind and soak in the experience. Maybe you’ll feel like doing it again tomorrow. 🙂


Peace & Love.

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