Hoodies n Sneaks

When I was in high school, Contempo Casuals and Wet Seal were THE clothing stores to hit up during all mall trips. Unfortunately, I was usually just window shopping cuz my parents couldn’t afford new clothes for me all the time. That was reserved for the beginning of each new school year and for that, I’m grateful that I got anything.

I put together outfits attempting to look like Alyssa Milano and Debbie Gibson. I’m not sure I loved the clothes so much as I was desperate to look like other people. Being this way as a child is fairly normal, I think. The problem is that I kept this mindset through most of my adulthood. Believing that I was expected to dress a certain way and that I wasn’t attractive unless I emulated celebrities. The style was very form fitting and feminine. Lots of painful high heels. Usually very uncomfortable.

The irony is that now, at the age of 43, my favorite pieces of clothing and shoes are all athletic. Ever since I quit my last office job (ever cuz I aint’ never going back!) I’ve completely shunned dresses and makeup. I now collect hoodies and sneakers, 2 things I would previously never be caught in.

To add to the irony, it’s crossed my mind that I’ll be judged for wearing what I wear at my age. But the beauty of hard earned wisdom is that I don’t care what others think. As long as I know I’m being true to who God made me to be, I’m good.


Peace & Love.