A Voice For The Voiceless

Maybe it’s because I’m a loudass Leo or maybe it’s because of my deep empathy for people in tough situations. Ever since I was a child, I loved hearing and telling stories and most significantly, creating my own stories. I guess that’s what lead me to this point in my 44 year old life; all I do is craft new stories to tell and then go out and tell em.

When I say stories, I mean nonfiction real life. Everyone has a story to tell but not everyone wants to share or has the ability to share and that’s kinda sad to me. While I love a good fiction story every now and then, my mind stays focused on real life because our collective stories are more powerful than any fiction the mind can conjure.

As my audiobook trek has me crossing paths with super cool people, I realize more and more that I want to help tell and share their stories. God blessed me with a storytelling voice and a passion to help others and I aim to use my blessings to make the world a better place.

When I retell someone’s story, I am no longer myself. I become that other person, that writer who took their valuable time to put together their thoughts and accomplishments and pain. It’s similar to acting but I see it as a deeper connection as I represent the real emotions of a real person.

I truly love what I’m doing. It took me awhile to get here but I rest assured knowing I’m on God’s timing and His divine path for my life. There is no greater pleasure than doing what you were born to do. I am humbled and honored beyond words.


Peace & Love.