Butt Smackin’

Get your mind out the gutter (jokes). My husband is the epitome of an athlete. Had his environment been nurturing and supportive of his talent, he easily could’ve been a pro basketball player, a pro tennis player, a pro boxer…my boy has skills. I’m an athlete in my own ways and together, we watch a whole lotta sports. Basketball, tennis, and boxing would be the top choices but we’ll put on any live sport just to enjoy live action. Except for UFC stuff cuz I’m squeamish when it comes to body parts bending in unnatural ways and the over the top beatdowns.

There’s a certain camaraderie between 2 male competitors that has become my life motto and I know we’ve all seen it. 2 dudes playing one-on-one at the park, 2 dudes sluggin’ it out to let off some steam, 2 dudes tackling each other on a field, 2 brothers wrestling to settle an argument. It’s what happens after that warms my heart. When the 2 dudes wild out but then slap each others butts to express that it’s still all good.

On the surface, it looks pretty juvenile. Like elementary kids fighting, then playing, then fighting again. But underneath the booty slappin’ is a powerful dynamic that I wish our world would adopt. The act of letting go of a grudge, forgiving, hugging, and moving on.

In pro sports, it’s the equivalent of the ballers giving dap after the championship game. The tennis players who shake and hug after a grueling 5-set match. The boxers who take the time to make sure their opponent is ok and to show respect to the opponent’s team. Some meatheads would argue that there is no place in sports for this show of emotions but I would argue that it’s those positive emotions that keep competition strong and healthy. Before we’re competitors, we’re human beings meant to engage and support one another on this sometimes difficult journey called life.

Obviously, random butt slappin’ is frowned upon and may even result in catching a case. It’s the intent behind it that I’m after. No matter how hard we battle or how much we disagree, you’re a human being to me, a Child of God to be specific, and I let go of any ill will and wish you well in life. Easier said than done but very possible and something to strive for.

There are very few butts we can legally slap but metaphorically, we should all be butt slappin’ everyday. For ourselves and for humankind.

Hold it down in Heaven, Kobe


Peace & Love.