Gratitude x100

This year of 2020 crushed my heart but it also increased my gratitude. My zombie apocalypse theory was realized to a degree. COVID represented the zombies and what did I have to do? Stay safe inside my luxurious house and watch movies or play games with the fam or lounge outside in the sun. Oooooooh what a horrible form of torture….not.

Of course, I lost some things that are special to me. My beloved annual tennis tradition was canceled on the eve of. My beloved annual county fair didn’t set up shop. I haven’t seen most of my family since the beginning of the year or last year and Christmas kinda felt like just another day.

Despite everything, this has been one of my best years because my perspective was forced to change and my level of gratitude, compassion, and empathy multiplied. And that’s what I believe this year was meant to do; it was like a hard reset on the world that God knew we needed but that He also knew we would never be able to achieve on our own.

I remember at the beginning of the pandemic when churches were closed and I read a quote about how the devil thought he/she was so slick shutting down places of worship but alas, you corny devil bitch, you helped make nearly every home a new place of worship so your evil little plan backfired.

I believe better days are coming and that when we ring in the new year, the illegal fireworks and loud music and alcohol consumption will represent far more than we realize. I know this was an impossibly difficult year for many but if you’re still here, it means your work isn’t done and that God still has big plans for your life. ❤


Peace & Love.