Audiobook Adventures

Law of attraction is a POWERFUL thing. In 2019, I decided to convert my closet into a studio. I did some research, purchased some moderately priced yet professional quality equipment, and decided I wanted to try audiobook narrating and producing. I grinded like my life was at stake and BOOM, here I am with a portfolio on Audible. I also flipped my first book, Remote Lifestylin’, into an audiobook as well and I must say, it feels damn good!

I’m currently working on a free audiobook narration & production course to help others get their audiobook swag on. If you have a decent (or amazing) reading voice and can learn basic editing tools, you can totally do this too. It takes a lot of time reading properly and editing to industry standards but it’s a fun and profitable way to spend your time, especially if you’re chillin at home like most of the world.